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Denise Howell Denise Howell
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Dennis M. Kennedy Dennis M. Kennedy
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Tom Mighell Tom Mighell
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Marty Schwimmer Marty Schwimmer
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Ernest Svenson Ernest Svenson
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Denise Howell is a seasoned appellate and intellectual property litigator based in Los Angeles. Denise writes one of the first and most popular law-related blogs, Bag and Baggage, coined the term "blawg" and helped pioneer podcasting for lawyers. Microcontent obsessed since 2001, she is frequently quoted in the media on legal issues involving intellectual property and technology law. "Sound Policy" is Denise's show at IT Conversations, and it's also what she hopes results from the briefs she submits to court. Email Denise at dhowell@gmail.com.

Dennis Kennedy is a computer lawyer and legal technology expert based in St. Louis, Missouri. An award-winning author, a frequent speaker and a widely-read blogger, he has more than 300 publications on legal, technology and Internet topics, many of which are collected in his e-books. Dennis has been described as someone who knows almost every rock song in existence and, more importantly, how they apply to technology and law. Email Dennis at his gmail address.

Tom Mighell is Senior Counsel and Litigation Technology Support Coordinator at Cowles & Thompson in Dallas. He has published the Internet Legal Research Weekly newsletter since 2000 and blogged about the Internet and legal technology at Inter Alia since August of 2002. With Tom's singing, Ernie on guitar and Dennis' encylopedic knowledge of rock music, we may have the beginnings of a good band, if this whole blog thing doesn't work out. Email Tom at tmighell@swbell.net.

Marty Schwimmer left a partnership in the largest trademark practice in the world and founded Schwimmer Mitchell, a full-service IP micro-boutique in Westchester County, New York, where he represents owners of famous and not yet famous trademarks. He founded The Trademark Blog, the first IP law blog and the one with the most pictures. He is the first to come in and the last to leave in his firm. Email Marty at marty@schwimmerlegal.com.

Ernest Svenson practices law with a mid-sized law firm in New Orleans, specializing in business-related lawsuits. Most of his practice takes place in federal court, especially the Eastern District. He is best known for his weblog Ernie the Attorney, which he started as an experiment. Like many experiments it got out of control. Nevertheless, he continues to practice law and, occasionally, to seek enlightenment. Email Ernest at esvenson@gmail.com.
About this blog
Between Lawyers provides just-in-time group commentary on the issues raised when technology, culture and the law intersect. We take you behind the firewalls and conference room doors to show you how experienced lawyers deal with these issues and help you prepare for the new challenges we all face. For more, see our introductory post.

Between Lawyers

Date Index
March 2008
03: The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies

September 2007
18: Calling All Legal Tech MacGyvers - A Mini-contest

August 2007
25: If It's All About Respect, Why Do They Look So Foolish?
19: Facebook for Lawyers?

July 2007
30: BlawgWorld 2007: An Introduction to the World of Blawgs
26: Copyright thought balloon: YouTube vs. RSS
26: Legal Issues Of Law And Commerce
18: Announcing the New Between Lawyers Facebook Group
13: George Lenard On Facebooking Employment Candidates
10: Using Photos and Videos and the Role of the Creative Commons Licenses

June 2007
28: Agreeing To The Cloud
13: Microsoft Provides a Good Illustration of the Metadata Exposure Problem

May 2007
21: Yet Another Use For Social Media: Narrowing The Defendant List
16: Flashback To Cramming For The Bar
02: SLAW on Virtual Law Offices

April 2007
26: Headline Of The Day
23: In Like With Your Lawyer
19: Stealth Legal Start-up Gets $10,000,000 of VC Investment
08: Between Lawyers - Recent Podcasts
05: The Live Web: An Introduction

March 2007
29: Electronic Discovery; 5 Ws of EDD Depositions
29: Law That Works
19: Podcasts from Top US Law Schools
19: Collaboration Tools for Lawyers - The Book
18: A Tip of the Blawg Cap to Blawg Review at 100
15: More Questions About Recent Legal Marketing Restrictions
13: Staying on Track with Track Changes
09: Podcast on the law of business communities
08: Doc Searls: Internet Radio on Death Row
07: Take Two: Public Conference Call On The Law Of Business Communities

February 2007
24: Join us Monday for a public conference call on the law of business communities
15: Wikis for Lawyers?
11: Top Legal Technology Trends for 2007

January 2007
08: New NY Advertising Rules Are Out There
02: (Head)Hunting Season

December 2006
31: Best Wishes for 2007!
10: Legal Services and the LongTail

November 2006
15: New Bar Blogging Policy Emphasizes Cluefulness, Participation
10: Disturbing Study on Treatment of Minority Female Lawyers
08: Are Blawgs Dead?
05: The Gospel of Blawging

October 2006
30: Law 2.0: The Outsourcing Component
25: Lingua Blogga
19: Friedman on Am Law Tech Survey
17: Breadcrumbs, Not Ads
16: Julicial Eloquence
09: Forecast: Hazy
07: NY Lawyer Advertising Rules and Blogs - Update

September 2006
27: Ten Great Ways to Use RSS in a Law Firm
26: Bruce Marcus on Lawyer Blog Regulation
20: One Year Later - Insanity
17: FTC Answers New York's Invitation to Step in and Regulate the Regulators
15: Yet More Blawger-Unfriendly Lawyer Advertising Rules Contemplated
14: Law in the Court of Public Opinion: CyberOne
14: Between Lawyers on Tour: Tom and Dennis in DC on EDD
11: Protecting Podcasting
11: Law Underground Surfaces
06: VLFs Should Embrace VRM
01: Blogs In Lexis

August 2006
31: Forging At Fordham
28: Ross Ipsa Loquitur Debuts
28: Rate a Federal Judge
27: Online On The Front Lines
24: Lawgarithms Debut
23: Rule #1: Don't Be Stupid
21: The U. S. Patent Code in Verse
17: Windows Apps, Hold The Windows
17: Addendum To Scoble's CWM
14: Will the New Electronic Discovery Rules Changes Affect You Sooner Than You Expect?
11: Coda To "Blogs At The Top"
09: Blogs At The Top
09: Blogging Policysphere Overview
09: Don't Pull Any Punches, Ed
07: How to Read a Judicial Opinion
03: How RSS is Really Being Used
03: Updating Disclaimers
01: Rethinking the Future of Open Source Licenses

July 2006
27: Blogs and the Law
27: Where The Ivy Meets The Road
27: Open, Wiki
18: Cameras in the courtroom?
16: Must-read (and Must-Think-About) Blogging from Denise Howell
16: Links For The Road
13: What Is Lex Mundi?
12: What Would A Real Virtual Law firm Look Like?
10: The United States Copyright Code (Rappable Rhyming Version)
05: More Importantly, Why They Should
05: Only Less Dusty

June 2006
29: Attention, Please
28: If the NY Times Broke The Law, Indict It
26: Build To Suit
22: Legal Advertising - Back to 1950?
22: A Pictorial Tour of the Blawgosphere
21: Marilyn Monroe - Al Qaeda Dupe?
21: One more law...
20: Singularity Patrol: The Perfect Computer Chip for a Hot Summer Day?
19: Book Early
15: If Lawyers Can Advertise in New York, They Can Advertise Anywhere . . . But They Probably Can't
13: Without Corporate Blogging Policies "All Hell Breaks Loose"
12: Best In Show
12: At the Frontier of Alternative Dispute Resolution (???)
12: Mission: Value Billing
11: Reader Feeder
09: Blog In Peace
09: Picture Confusion, Reigning
09: Smallest File On Your iPod
09: BL Futurama
06: Ruling The Proof
05: Illing Effect
03: Speaking of Interstices of the Ivory Tower and Popular Culture
02: Like Hot Dogs on Sticks: A Response from Dennis
01: Like Hot Dogs On A Stick (Only Less Carcinogenic)
01: Going And Coming*

May 2006
31: Billing For Your Time Is Like . . .
31: Work-hoarding Partners and their Consequences
29: Technosexuality Calling
27: From the Frontier of Privacy and Tracking Technology
25: Generations, Culture, And Corporate Communications
22: Westcast
22: Bloggership Papers
21: Use It
19: Fast Company, Networking Is Everybody's Business
18: More Gonzo Legal Marketing '06
17: Cell Phones and the Emperor's New Clothes
17: Know It When You See It?
15: Send Lawyers, Blogs, And Money
15: (Cue Tattoo:) Defame! Defame!
13: Office Gets Blogging?
12: Wired: Lights! Camera! Vodcast!
12: Feature or Outrageous Security Vulnerability, You Decide
10: Makovsky Corporate Blogging Survey
10: Six Tips
10: Attention Filtering For Law
10: New Episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report
09: State Bar Regulators Continue to Struggle with Metadata Issues
09: Technology Primer for Solos and Small Firms
09: Law Firms in Wikipedia
01: Podcasting for Lawyers Presentation - A New Episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report

April 2006
30: No No Na 'Net
26: First Amendment Machines
25: Judge Kopf on Blogging and Other Topics
25: Can You Afford to Keep Losing Your Women Lawyers?
24: Bloggership
21: Between Lawyers in the Windy City
20: Discussions Discussed
18: The Between Lawyers Group: The Basement Tapes
17: Are Any Lawyers Providing Audio or Video Samples of Their Arguments?
11: A Reason for Lawyers to Podcast Their Oral Arguments?
08: Court Appearances via Blogs?
04: Just One Hyphenated Word on the Latest Round of Associate Salary Increases at Big Law Firms
04: More Diet Tips For Corporate Blogging Policies
01: A One Sentence Corporate Blogging Policy?
01: Predictive Microcosms

March 2006
30: Behind the Scenes at Between Lawyers: Discussing Intellectual Property Run Amok
29: I Heart Taxonomies
29: A New Cookie Cutter
27: 60 Backlinks And Counting
27: Thick Skinned vs. Skin Deep
26: FeedFlare for Blawgs
26: Another Example of Web 2.0 Approaches for Lawyers
24: Jim Maule on Laptop Computers in Law School Classes
23: Evan Schaeffer on the Internet Making the World Smaller
22: Just Revoke Someone's Network Access
21: There's a Lot of Content on Law-related Blogs
21: Blog Law Articles, Summit
20: You Decide: Legal Technology as Innovation or "Corruption of Legal System"?
20: Best Practices for Law Firm Technology Committees Video Webinar on March 21
20: Survey Says: Good Sense Prevails For Personal+Professional Bloggers
17: The Indefatigable Sabrina Pacifici
16: Corporate Blogging and the OODA Loop
15: Copybits
14: Six Together
14: Employee Blogging In the Northwest Indiana Times
13: Accountants "Germier" Than Lawyers
13: "Rethinking" Blawg Review
10: Another Reason to Move Away from Hourly Billing?
10: ABC, 123, IT Considers The Value Of UGC
08: Blogging Strategies From Texas To Tel Aviv
07: Data about Metadata
06: Blogs: Least Risky Of All?
06: Announcing SHAPE BLOG
03: RIM, NTP Settle Blackberry Patent Infringement Case
03: Law Practice Today: The TECHSHOW Edition
02: Best Corporate Blogging Tips vs. Corporate Blogging Policies
01: Lawyer X on Ernie's Move to Solo Practice
01: The Newest PHOSITA

February 2006
28: Are You a Blawgr?
28: Glove Affair
27: Maule in Defense of Academic Legal Blogging
27: Legal Tag Clouds
26: Farmshoring - Meme to Watch
24: David Johnson on The Life of Law Online
21: Lack of Blogging Policies for Employees Causes Employers to Grow Three Heads (and Creates Other Dangers Too Horrible to Describe)
21: T Me
21: Miller Brews Up a Little Email Controversy
20: All Work And No Blawg
16: RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use
16: That's Not What I Meant in My Email
14: A $4 Billion Email Problem?
14: Attorneys Are Not Knowledge Workers
14: ABA To President Bush: Watch What You're Watching
14: Westlaw Watch
09: All Your Data Are Belong To Google (the latest chapter)
08: Storming The Capital
07: Can A Blog Post Be Sexual Harassment?
07: Nobody Expects The Spanish Interrogatory
06: Another Way to Look at the Intersection of Web 2.0 and Law 2.0
06: Employment Lawyers' Poll On Employee Blogging
05: A.k.a., Let Me REALLY Put It To You In Texan
05: RSS and the Average Lawyer
03: Between Lawyers at LegalTech NY
03: Recent Worthwhile Reads And Resources On Business And Employee Blogging
03: Lawdable

January 2006
27: Good Introductory List of European Legal Blogs
27: LegalTech NY Blogger Meetup on Sunday Night
27: Communication, Law and Web 2.0 Interview
26: Bucks, Blawgs, And Decalogues
24: Google Subpena In A Nutshell
23: Searchable Version of US Copyright Laws
23: 57/19 Split
22: Moore's Law and the US Patent Office
21: Joyful Noise
21: RSS And Copyright, The "No" Example
20: Justice Department Subpoenas Search Engine Records about Searches of Individuals
20: Steve Nipper on Blog Comments
19: April Time Will Be A Blawg-In There
18: Draft of New Version 3 of General Public License Now Available
18: Burningbird on That Old Copyright Song
16: The Springsteen Justice
16: The Peer to Patent Project
15: I Have A Dream
13: Tony Colleluori on the Life and Death of a Criminal Defense Lawyer
12: Tastes Good, Looks Good, Good For The Soul
09: Reprise
09: Top Ten Sources, Podcasting
09: Top Ten Sources, Web 2.0
09: Denise re: Rethinking the Role of Big Law Firms
09: Law 2.0 Discussion Gains Momentum
09: Unsafe Working Conditions at NYC Firm?
07: Rethinking the Role of Big Law Firms
07: Open Source Intelligence Analysis?
04: But Then There'd Be Less Goofing Off
03: Goofing Off in Law School
03: Mainstream Media Joins the World of Law Blogs
02: A General Counsel's Legal Technology Wish List for 2006
02: Your New Year's Tech Resolutions

December 2005
30: Marty's Solution to the Splogging Problem
30: Great, Something Else to Worry About - Earth Splitting in Half
29: Disaster Remembrance Week
28: Eric Mack's Fair Use Question - Join the Discussion
28: The 2006 Legislative Agenda on Technology and Intellectual Property Issues
27: New Amendments to Civil Procedures to Create a "Legal Chernobyl"?
27: Mining the Value of Metadata in Electronic Discovery
23: To Paraphrase Mel Brooks
22: Practical Domestic Surveillance and Wiretapping Primer
21: Be Not Predictable
21: Self-Help information gathering in a flat world
20: Dennis Re Ernie on Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Ratings
20: Martindale Hubbell's Lawyer Rankings
20: Is You Read One Post On NSA Surveillance . . .
20: Don't Worry About The Government?
19: "I Am Retaining A Copy Of This Letter In A Sealed Envelope . . ."
19: More Examples of Web 2.0 Tools
19: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FAQs
19: Let the Predictions Commence
14: Ho Ho...Oh No
12: More Web 2.0 for Law Thoughts from the Wired GC
12: $1000/hr for a Partner, $835/hr for an Associate
12: Matt Buchanan: The World Really is Flat
11: Great List of Web 2.0 Tools
11: Well, it was nice working with you folks
09: EULAScan - Another Precursor of Open Source Lawyering?
09: 8 Ideas That Will Revolutionize the 21st Century
09: Gartner on BlackBerry - The Sky is Falling - or Maybe It Isn't
08: What Was the Most Important Lesson You Learned in 2005?
07: Tom Mighell on Web 2.0 and other Between Lawyers Articles and Wikis
07: Two Minutes Found
05: AKMA Reveals the True Story About How Much Time It Takes to Write Blog Posts
05: And in the Redaction? What Redaction? Department.....
04: Update: Grateful Dead End Download Block
02: No Pit Bulls or Other Creativity(?) in Legal Ads in Florida
01: Grateful Dead Recording Policy Change Forces Revisions of Many Articles and Blog Posts
01: AmLaw 200 Law Firms: We're Raising Rates in 2006

November 2005
30: Welcoming the New Corante Hubs
30: Litigation is frighteningly expensive
30: Great Set of Resource on the Future of the Practice of Law
29: Chief Bullshitter?
29: Web 2.0 for the Practice of Law - A Must Read from the Wired GC
28: Tips For Managing Legal Risks for Businesses Using Open Source Software
28: High C
28: And To All A Good 500 Volts
28: The Time-based Billing Debate - Another Round
25: Cover A Square Or Chug Your Libation Of Choice
25: Do Fake Blogs Last Longer Than Fake Rolexes?
25: I Heard That
25: Nominate A Blawg
25: Hola!
20: Watch what you Google for....
19: WEX and Open Source Lawyering
15: Putting the Consumer First - The Future of Legal Services
15: They Hate Us For Our Freedom
15: The First Blawg-related Personnel Move?
15: RIP A3G
14: Between Lawyers Return from BlawgThink Break
08: Collection of Links On Torture
08: The Business of Law in 2005 and Beyond
07: Actually Read What Our President Says
07: Document DNA
07: You've got mail, dude
06: Water-board Scooter Libby To Get The Truth About Cheney
06: A natural extension for podcasting
04: Eppur Si Muove
03: Tom Collins on the Changing World of the Business of the Practice of Law
03: The Insourcing Trend in the Practice of Law
02: Who Sent Anthrax To The U.S. Senate?
01: If Electronic Discovery is the Next Big Thing, Why Are So Few Lawyers Doing Electronic Discovery?
01: Judging Judge Posner
01: Watch 'em, Fight 'em, Join 'em, Buy 'em, Sue 'em

October 2005
31: Hey, It's Denise at Blawg Review
30: Dennis Re: I Reveal My Role on the Plame Affair
30: Noise Reduction Techniques
29: I Reveal My Role In The Plame Affair
28: What Laws Exist to Handle This?
28: When Is Loyalty Not A Virtue
28: Question
28: Libby Indicted: Link to Special Counsel Website and Indictment
27: Help Wanted: What Qualifications Should A Supreme Court Justice Have?
27: Bush Will Now Nominate Bork
26: Bloggers Poll On Miers
26: I'm Interested In Learning The Truth About The Following:
25: Cyberweek and eLawyering
25: Will the Creative Commons Licenses Be a Weapon Against Splogs?
25: Our Morning Discussion of Metadata
24: The UN Learns About Metadata and Uncovering Changes in Documents . . . Another Lesson for Lawyers
24: 'Beyond The Popcorn Strategy'
24: Malkin and LGF Describe Quaker Peace Vigil As Ghoulish Party
21: Back Up The Top 50 Lawyers Argument Or Drop It
20: FindLaw Cleans Up
20: OverLawyered on the McDonald's Coffee Case
18: Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Deep Fryer
18: Show Time
17: New New Neologism
15: Rove As Case Study
14: From White House To Web In Minutes Flat
14: When Is 'End Of Business'?
14: Using a Probation Folder for RSS Feeds
13: Thinking in Feeds
13: Between Lawyers on Tour: Upcoming Appearances
13: White House Iraq Group
12: Google News As KM
12: Onnerable Mention
12: Thinking In Search
11: Who's This Lawyer X?
11: Law Practice Today Features Disaster Planning and Recovery Articles and Resources
10: Small Virtue: Bennett A Racist, But Not An Advocate Of Genocide
10: Supreme Court Statistics
09: I Gotta Wear Shades
09: Making RSS More User-Friendly
09: 'Republicans Need Roe' Conspiracy Meme
07: Alternative Fees - Try it, You Might Like It
07: Hmmm, Burgers
07: Prosser and Williston For the Supreme Court?
05: Advertising Your Lawsuit
03: Between Lawyers - Is it the Wikipedia of Legal Blogging?
03: Iamb So Sorry
03: Nominee Miers
03: AYSO Soccer's Theory Of Justice
02: The Between Lawyers Artists' Colony
02: The Between Lawyers Poetry Corner
01: 'Twas The Night Before Zeitgeist

September 2005
30: Is Everyone Laughing at the Recording Industry?
28: The Ultimate in Democratic Participation
28: Continuing the Discussion of Legal Education
27: Commenters, Sources, And Screeds, Oh My
26: Subway Maps: Will Your Cease and Desist Letters Be Treated as a Joke . . . or Worse?
26: PubSub Perhaps Wants You
24: Who Is Telling You That Other People Are Biased?
22: Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents
19: -NC Creative Commons Licenses Considered Harmful
19: Espionage Coat
18: Instant Messaging Resources for Lawyers and Others
18: Breathalyzers and Closed Source Software
16: Wet But Not Washed Out
15: Trading Pork Futures
15: Remembering
14: The Cisco Way
14: Congratulating Jim Calloway
13: Confirmation Hearings Podcast
12: First Internet Era Nominee And Those Infernal Bloggers
12: When Weblogs Work
10: Katrina Photos Are Crime Photos
09: Question Begging Tonight On ABC
09: More On The Roberts Hamdan Recusal Issue
09: The Virtual Handshake: Networking Through Social Software
09: Puzzling
09: Asking Some Tough Questions About Legal Education
09: Two Constructive Post-Katrina Memes
08: The Skype Virtual Call Centre
08: Blogs Provide Neighborhood-Specific News in Katrina Aftermath
07: Change This! Tom Peters on Professional Services Firms
07: Online Legal Services and Products
07: Roberts, Recusal and Hamdan
06: Boies Will Be Boies
05: Justice O'Connor's Retirement Delayed?
04: King-Making
04: Blogpulse Newswire Publishes Interview with Ernie
03: Almost Live, From The Plawdosphere
03: Katrina Legal Assistance Fund
02: More About That Sociopathic Lack Of Empathy Thing
02: Building Another Legal Tech Resource
02: Law Schools Helping Displaced Law Students
02: Legal Technology Related Resources for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief
01: ABA Katrina Relief page
01: Prior To Joining FEMA In 2002
01: Hurricane Relief Podcast PSA
01: Peggy Noonan on the Leadership So Far
01: You Are His Boss. How Do You Rate His Performance?
01: Katrina Relief - Lawyers Helping Lawyers - Legal Tech Effort
01: Disaster Recovery Resources
01: Hurricane Relief - Lawyers Helping Lawyers

August 2005
31: Jack Vinson on Becoming Your Own Filter
31: How Fast Can You Identify A Source For Really Big Helicopters?
31: Can Bloggers Be Sued for Commentators' Postings?
31: We're Relieved that Ernie Has Gotten Out of New Orleans
31: How To Help
31: Because Of, Not With
31: Blog Comment Suit
30: Our Resident Citizen Journalist
29: Judge, Lawyers, Juries Wanted: Flexible Hours
28: Another reason to start a blog: better customer service
26: Reading Licenses: Commercial Music in Podcasts
25: Why Makes Love Last?
24: Does Windows And Law
24: I See London, I See France
23: The Government Should Kill That Guy
23: Learning about Blogging for Lawyers
22: Dennis Receives Sign from Above on RSS?
20: Hype Meets Straight Scoop
20: How To Stalk Your Web Site Visitors
17: Littler Says: Businesses Need A Blogging Policy
17: Boston University Blogging Colloquium
17: Patent Reform Commentary
15: All Speed Camera Fines in Doubt?
13: Doc Searls on Sarbanes Oxley and Corporate Communication Policies
12: Cross Posted Because This Is Too. Darned. Cool.
11: Backstage pass at Between Lawyers
11: C'n And Heard
11: Blog Survey - The Professional /Personal Overlap
11: Dave Winer on NYT Letting Bloggers Write Op-ed PIeces
11: Google Pettiness?
10: The Not Insane To Do List
10: Evan Schaeffer Asks: Is the Third Year of Law School Wasted?
09: Tufte: 'The Visual Display of Quantitative Information'
08: Map Shock
08: Big Blue Podcasts
07: E-Filing and The Learning Curve
05: Mighell and Kennedy in Blogs for Lawyers Webinar on August 9
04: Dennis re Training Trial Lawyers
04: Why Would You Take A Sure Loser To Trial?
04: Training trial lawyers
03: Steven Vincent
03: Feeds on the Go
02: Talk Talk
01: LPM Blogfest
01: Now Why Didn't I Think of That - Google Patents Ads in RSS Feeds?
01: Death, Taxes, Marketing

July 2005
31: Must Read Essay: 'Bad News' by Judge Posner
31: The Perils of E-Filing
29: Lenz, Creative Commons and Emoticon Patents
28: Boilerplate language - why is it necessary?
28: What's Next in Technology?
27: Studiously Ethical
27: Associate Sues Firm Over Denied Partnership
26: A Question I Would Ask Judge Roberts
25: Report Shows That Between Lawyers RSS Feed is a "Feed That Matters"
25: Anatomy of Rumor continued: Instapundit and WaPo Spread The Virus
23: At The Risk Of Being Impassionate
22: Anatomy of A Rumor, Links Intact For Now
21: The Point Of Blogs
20: Oddest Thing I Learned Today
20: Firm Sues Associate Over 'Loyalty'
19: Wayback in Trouble?
15: Weblog Preview from IBM
15: Short And Sweet
14: How Would You Codify Loyalty?
12: Milkable Hours
12: Collisions
11: Taxes and IP - Making it Easier to Comply Voluntarily or Beefing Up Enforcement?
09: Discussing The Supreme Court Vacancy, Take 2
05: Discussing the Supreme Court Vacancy, Take 1
04: Remail
04: We Hold These Truths
01: Apple's Uncanny Timing

June 2005
30: On the Subject of Podcasting . . .
29: Numbers
28: A juror's perspective of jury duty
27: Grokster - some thoughts from the back row
27: Extra! Extra! Read All About Grokster Decision!
25: Gnomelaw, cont.
24: Gnomelaw
24: What Is Difficult?
23: Dave Pollard on Corporate Blogging Policies
23: Poker Comment Spam and Related Topics
23: Blogging's Contrarians
23: Poker Enlargement
22: Hey, That's Our Denise Howell on the AO/Technorati Open Media 100 Honorable Mention List
22: BIO 2005
20: Dennis Re Covington & Burling on Employeee Blogging
20: Covington & Burling on Blogging
20: Champerty In The Hamptons
18: Dirty Little Pants
17: Recommended Listening
17: But Should They?
17: Dennis re How is a Blog Like a Legal File?
16: How Is A Blog Like A Legal File?
16: Denise re: Real Estate for Lawyers
16: Musical Baton
16: Tom re: etc. re Gadgets For Lawyers
15: iPod Math: Where do the songs come from?
15: Five Strategies for Increasing Diversity at Law Firms
15: Real Estate for Lawyers
15: Not Getting Paid
15: Tom Re: Dennis Re: Tom Re: Gadgets for Lawyers
14: Dennis Re: Tom Re: What's the Best Gadget for Lawyers Today?
14: Denise re: What is the Best Gadget for Lawyers Today?
14: Thinking Outside The DMCA
14: Tom Re: What's the Best Gadget for Lawyers Today?
13: What is The Best Gadget for Lawyers Today?
13: Shelley Brings the Creative Commons People Out of Their Shells
13: Today Redmond, Tomorrow The World
13: How Much Are You Guys Paying For Real Estate?
10: Denise re: fair use and the future
09: Unsubscribing in (Relative) Comfort
08: Dennis Re Marty re iPod etc.
07: Kentucky Advertising Rules May Keep Kentucky Lawyers from Blogging
07: Dennis Re Marty on iPods and Time-shifting
07: iPods and Time-shifting
07: A Survey Of Corporate Blogging Policies
06: iPods and Time-shifting: Fair Use, Personal Use and the Digital Copyright Morass
03: Driving Hazards Aside
03: Yahoo!'s Blogging Policy
02: Is A $5000 Sanction Enough?

May 2005
31: Sherry Fowler on Legal Lies
31: One Phish, Two Phish, E-mail or Phish - Keeping Up with the Latest Phishing Lures
31: Dennis Re Death Bytes
31: Death Bytes
26: Take It Outside, Guys
26: Mary Richards v. DuPont on Hourly Rates For Equity and Non-Equity Partners
24: FAQ on Using Blogs for Legal Marketing
24: Dennis Re The Sincerest Form of Birdery
24: Clueful Thougth Of The Day
24: The Argument For Legal Blogging
21: Sincerest Form Of Birdery
19: Law Practice Today - "Best of" Issue Highlights Great Article on Electronic Discovery
19: Pop Blawgs
18: Dennis re: Marty's Mental Exercise – Public Speaking
18: Dennis re: Marty's Mental Exercise
18: Also re: Marty's Mental Exercise
18: Denise re: Marty's Mental Exercise
17: Mental Exercise
17: An Equal And Opposite Overreaction
17: Syndicate Panel
16: Market Forces
16: Summit In The Desert
10: Denise re: The Wacky and Endlessly Confusing World of Lawyer Advertising Regulations
10: The Wacky and Endlessly Confusing World of Lawyer Advertising Regulations
05: "Virtual Pocket Parts"
04: The Value of Firm-Sponsored Law Blogs
04: Tom Re: How, if at all, will Blogging Affect the Practice of Law?
04: Denise Re: What is the best advice for lawyers and law firms considering a move into blogging?
04: Tom Re: Will You Be Blogging in Five Years?
04: Denise Re: Will you be blogging in five years?
04: Denise Re: How, if it all, will blogging change the practice of law?
03: Tom Re: What's More Important in the Future: RSS, Blogs, or Collaborations Among Bloggers?
03: Denise Re: What directions do you expect legal blogging to take over the next few years?
03: Denise Re: What's more important in the future: RSS, blogs or collaborations among bloggers?
03: What Is The Current Landscape For Legal Blogging
03: What Are The Three Biggest Benefits of Blogging?
03: Denise Re: What makes a legal blog successful or unsuccessful?
03: Denise Re: Is blogging wildly over-hyped?
03: Denise Re: Should every lawyer and law firm have a blog?
03: Re: What Makes a Legal Blog Successful or Unsuccessful?
03: Re: What Makes A Legal Blog Successful or Unsuccessful?
03: Re: Is Blogging Wildly Over-Hyped?
03: Re: Should Every Lawyer and Law Firm Have a Blog?
02: Re: What are the Three Biggest Benefits of Blogging for Lawyers?
02: Re: What is the Current Landscape for Legal Blogging?
02: Denise Re: What are the three biggest benefits of blogging for lawyers?
02: Denise Re: What is the current landscape for legal blogging?
02: Re: Should Every Lawyer and Law Firm Have A Blog?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What is the best advice for lawyers and law firms considering a move into blogging?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - Will you be blogging in five years?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - How, if it all, will blogging change the practice of law?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What directions do you expect legal blogging to take over the next few years?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What's more important in the future: RSS, blogs or collaborations among bloggers?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What makes a legal blog successful or unsuccessful?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - Is blogging wildly over-hyped?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - Should every lawyer and law firm have a blog?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What are the three biggest benefits of blogging for lawyers?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - What is the current landscape for legal blogging?
02: Future of Legal Blogging Article - Introduction
02: We're Writing an Article Via This Blog
01: Eliminate Spam, Commit Malpractice?

April 2005
30: Where Was I?
30: RE: Dear Congressman _______: Blog With Us - The EFF Model
29: These Research Results Brought To You By...
28: Adam Smith on Crackberry
28: Fast Uptake For Podcasting
28: RE: Dear Congressman _______: Blog With Us
28: Blaming The Victim
27: Dear Congressman _______: Blog With Us
27: New Exercise Program Just for Lawyers
27: Sexual Harrassment
27: Forum Shopping
27: All About The Benjamins
26: Steve Gadd, the Culture of Drumming, Creativity and Copyright Control
26: Open PR
26: Re: Chilling Effect on Frost Forecasts?
25: Sent Items
25: Chilling Effect on Frost Forecasts?
24: Email Makes You Stupid
24: For Want Of A Word
20: Sharing The Wealth
20: Sound Policy on Companies and Blogs
19: RE: Brand New Pear
18: Brand New Pear
15: Hacking The Law
14: Blog Censorship Gains Support - Or Maybe We Should Read Survey Results More Carefully
12: Re: Blogging Policies - Not Only Legal Issues, Part 2
12: Law Professor Blogs Ink Big Sponsorship Deal - A Few Thoughts on Changing Tunes
12: Blogging Policies - Not Only Legal Issues, Part 2
11: Blogging Policies - Not Only Legal Issues, Part 1
11: Blogger Madness to Blawger Badness
10: Shameless Selves Promotion
10: "Blogger Madness"?
09: Several Breakthroughs, 1 Broken
09: Sound Policy Show Prep: Business Blogging
09: Safe At Many Speeds
09: CC'd
08: Good In Embed
08: If Only They Had a Technology Use Policy...
08: Re: AV Squad/CC License
07: Re: AV Squad/CC License
07: Blog TOS
07: Experiment: Request for Comments On Capital Records v. Naxos
07: Re: AV Squad: What's The Story With The CC License?
06: Re: AV Squad: What's The Story With The CC License?
06: Re: AV Squad/CC License
06: AV Squad: CC License
06: Re: AV Squad: What's The Story With The CC License?
05: Re: AV Squad: What's The Story With The CC License?
05: AV Squad: What's The Story With The CC License?
05: U.S. Code Annotated -- Your Wish Is Granted
04: Becoming a Law Professor, Part 2 - Not that I'm Complaining
04: New Meaning To U.S. Code Annotated
04: Smoking Tags: Careful, Someone Might Be Listening
04: Virtual Law Firm
04: Smoking Tags
04: Book Recommendation: Crimes Against Logic
04: Podcasting
04: Write Our Link Blog With del.icio.us
03: Legal Puzzle
03: Blogging Policy
02: Better Dying Through Technology
02: Seminar Materials on Blogging and Technology Use Policies
01: Everyone Has His or Her Price
01: Diary Of A Mad Photocopier
01: Ethics: More on E-shaming
01: The Future of the Billable Hour
01: Blogging: Say Thank You To Your Bus Driver and Cashier

March 2005
31: Licentious
31: Legal Endnotes To The Tail Tale
30: Mutually Nonexclusive (Hopefully)
30: The Weebles Sprout Wings
30: Blogospheric Effect on Law Reviews
30: Public Perceptions of Lawyers
30: Re: First Thing, Let's Kill All The Lawyers
30: First Thing, Let's Kill All The Lawyers
30: Rip, Mix, Burn, Avoid Subpenas
29: Whole More Than Sum Of Parts
29: Like Weebles With Briefcases
29: Full Frontal Grokkage
29: Blogging Policy: Ghost-writers?
29: Ethics: E-shaming
29: Re: Podcasting: What Makes For A Good Law Podcast?
29: Re: How to Lawyer When Everyone's Watching
28: Re: Podcasting - My Two Cents
28: Podcast: Other Views
28: Ethics: How To Lawyer When Everyone's Watching?
28: Re: Corporate Blogging Policies and Deja Vu
28: The Blawts Are Coming
28: Podcasting: What Makes For A Good Law Podcast?
28: Blogging Policy: Well, Blogging Is A Little Different
28: Corporate Blogging Policies and Déjà Vu
28: Blogging Policies: Minimizing Legal Risk Can Have Other Consequences
28: Welcome to Between Lawyers